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About GATE – Our Values

Why GATE Advisory plays such an important role for its partners thanks to its investment process? All is about values!

First, our Internal Values:


Excellence, while above the mean isn’t. The work is the common value of all team members.


Meritocracy while remunerating just diploma isn’t. Team members are motivated and empowered to deliver results.

Leadership by the Example and Integrity

No real independence without integrity. No guidance without exemplarity.

Listen to information from the ground

Experiences must be shared by all employees, whatever its position. Just listen to clients.

Second, External values: 

The Why of any investments

The most efficient way to address risks and expected returns is to understand the purpose of an investment strategy.

Idea Generation

Thought and opinion characterize what is an idea. The power of an idea is in our ability, within GATE Advisory, to capture it, harness it, bring it to life, and sustain it over time.

Solution Provider

An investment process must generate a solution for clients. A solution must bring relief, and, by definition, this is a special type of homogeneous mixture composed of two or more components.


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