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There are two fundamental dimensions to the OCIO value proposition. The first is the expertise to design an advanced multi-asset investment strategy that delivers an outcome aligned with a ‘practical’ objective or liability profile and delivers a specified outcome across the various market regimes. This strategy often requires a complex portfolio, which leads to the second dimension: the capability to implement and execute that strategy with precision.

GATE executes and monitors; client notified

GATE recommends and monitors; client approves and implements

* Minimum fees of CHF175’000 per annum
** Strategies that may yield higher alpha, or that have capacity constraints, are generally more expensive than those that do not.
*** An actively advised/managed portfolio will incur higher fees than a passively advised/managed or an active/passive hybrid portfolio.
**** Sophisticated or customized reporting requirements – such as those for privately held assets, multiple sub-accounts, or separate investment pools. The same for Performance Analysis.