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Alpha Investments

Combining alternative investment bricks for tailored solutions

  • Private Equity (Funds and Direct Investments
  • Hedge Fund strategy (Global Macro, CTA, Long/short)
  • Micro Finance
  • Risk-Premia strategy
  • Direct Real Estate
  • Non-listed Institutional Credit Income

Sample of our ecosystem

Private Equity

GATE has the privilege to propose a first-class service benefiting from the tremendous access from its partnership to one of the smartest Private Equity eco-system. This partnership opens the gate to a tailored selection fueled by more than 300 co-investments in funds and direct investments per year.


Our Partner offers steady high coupon EU-regulated EMTN bonds investing in microfinance across selected Emerging Countries along the Silk Road.

Micro-Finance supports three important values for GATE Advisory : EMPOWERING THE POOR; ENSURING SUSTAINABILITY; FIGHTING POVERTY