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Beta Management

Beta Management/ETF only for Smart and Advanced Beta Management

Navigating through the geopolitical and macro landscapes to capture the rise of macro thematic, our process identifies key moments in the future to adapt the positioning of asset allocation and/or thematic.

Tactical will never be the same again

Geopolitics, Global Macro, and Market Sentiment lead to the characterization of the investment environment

The environment analysis allows us to integrate risk factors study by weighting, intensity, and impact.

The “Global Macro Insight” feeds Quantilia, guiding the quantitative process.

We apply a financial market structure study : macro figures, valorization, flows, skews, technical analysis etc.

Output : Strategical or Tactical Trades

We qualify the portfolio risk budget by Targeted Performances.

We named this step Dynamic Performance Management.

Output : Directional or Relative Trades

We select the Optimal asset class(es) or/and Investment strategy to implement trades.